About Me

I am a guy who always wants to be independent and live a life on my own terms. I am living independently since 10 years, staying away from my home and family members. I always wanted to start something on my own and also on which I am passionate about. I don’t want to work under someone as my family background is of business, may be because of that reason I think so :).

My income at the job was gradually increasing and it was some sort of settled and get ready to get married and live a normal life but my inner heart was not allowing me to settle. I was not able to continue my job. Every day I use to think I should quit my job and follow my dreams but people would not allow me to do so. They would pull me back saying I am wrong, financial problems and all, I used to listen to them. I have spent many sleepless nights thinking about quitting, planning and doing things my own way.

One Fine Day: Finally, after thinking a lot, convincing my parents and family members i have quit my job. I thought from then I will follow my passion, do it my own way and all.
People in the Society: Whatever you do in this World either good or bad there are always people who try to pull you down and bully you. They will be saying it is not possible, you are not doing right, you are mad and all.

How I convinced my Parents:

After quitting the first month my parents started pressurizing and also I got a good offer from Company. Good salary again and you know what I have again joined the company.
Again it was a normal life, going to the job, getting the salary in time, enjoying weekends with friends and all. But worm in me still did not die. It was still alive. After some days it again started in me to quit my job but was lacking confidence. I requested my parents many times about quitting my job but they would say first you get married then after that do whatever you want to do.
But my intuition was not allowing me to do the day job, follow the rat race like everyone. I was like if not now then never.

I asked my parents they said NO. What I did simply is as I didn’t eat food for a day and my parents automatically got convinced because every parent loves their children than anything in this world. So silly right? I actually, I didn’t get any option and I did this and it worked out for me. So finally I was successful :).
So after quitting my job I gave a party to my close people as a celebration.
One thing I do is whenever I achieve something I share with my close people and party with them.

How I became Confident:

First time when I quit my job I was not confident enough so I again joined back. So, I learned from my previous mistakes and did things differently this time.
I saved my salary income: I saved my day job income which would help me survive without income even for 6 months.
I took separate workspace: Yes, I did things differently this time. As soon I quit my job I took a coworking space which helped me in staying focus towards my work. If you stay at home and work it is almost impossible to focus.
If you are having working space you will have many advantages. You will be having a working environment, meet new people, grow the business and build the network.
I planned my work: Without planning no work is done. It will lead you to nowhere. So I used to plan on a white board and work accordingly.
Celebrate: Once I have achieved a milestone I used to celebrate. I used to go out for dinner with my best friends or family members or reward myself with new clothes or anything which I love or go out for a small travel trip.

My online ventures: I quit my job and started my own online ventures
Slashmonk – Web Designing Company
Whatnotblog – Learn Web Designing and Blogging
Youtube – Channel to get INSPIRED
Inspiringden – Grow and let grow motive
This is my story about how I quit my job and living the life on my own terms. If you have a similar story or would love to share anything do comment below in the comment section.
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